Corporate Reorganizations

Smith, Sykes, Leeper & Tunstall LLP can help you form a corporate reorganization plan specifically tailored to meet current and future needs. 

We aim to provide you with the tools necessary to ensure the long-term stability of your company. 

We have helped many businesses with: 

  • Ownership changes due to the sale of shares
  • Ownership changes for transfer of the business to family members 
  • The restructuring of a company to pass on value to the next generation 
  • Family Trusts for income splitting purposes, including education funding 
  • We start the corporate reorganization process by valuing the current business operations and determining what will be necessary to meet future requirements. 

We can help you transfer assets on a tax-deferred basis from one entity to another, or from an individual to a corporation. 

The objective of a corporate reorganization is to minimize tax now and in the future, and provide for an orderly transfer of ownership.