Shareholder Agreements

What is a Shareholder Agreement? 

A shareholder’s agreement formalizes the arrangement between the shareholders of a company and should provide information and guidance on the following corporate matters:

  • Governance Management 
  • Financing Obligations 
  • Dispute resolution mechanism 
  • Disability/Bankruptcy/Retirement/Death 
  • Transfers of shares/Dissolution/Wind-Up 

What is the Purpose of a Shareholder Agreement?

A shareholder agreement can have multiple uses. It is very beneficial when a corporation is closely-integrated and there are only few shareholders. 

Typically a shareholder agreement would include: 

  1. Rights related to the sale, issuance or distribution of shares 
  2. Highlight rights of other parties involved
  3. Processes of buying or selling shares
  4. The death or retirement of a current shareholder 
  5. Establish board of directors (if applicable) 
  6. Process of approving new shareholders, as existing shareholders

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